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August 2013

Windows XP end of life

There are now just 8 months until Microsoft cease support for Windows XP SP3 on 8th April 2014. What does this mean?

Well if you have systems currently running Windows XP now is the time to plan an upgrade to Windows 7 or 8.

In most cases new hardware (PC tower) will be required, as the recommended specifications for the latest operating systems are above that of typical Windows XP systems (of course there will be some that are the exception to this rule, so if in doubt please ask - you can get in touch via our Contact Page).

What are the risks of staying on Windows XP after support ends?

After this date there will be no security updates (or any official updates) to the operating system, which puts your system at risks of viruses and other attacks.

Also, many other third-party software vendors (e.g. Sage, Adobe, etc.) will end their support for Windows XP at the same time

If you could really do with some assistance in planning and executing a switch of one or more systems to a newer operating system please drop me a message and I will be in touch.

Upgrading will offer many other benefits, for example increased productivity and useful features like the Windows 8 File History automated back up.

Useful Info

Here is the Microsoft page which answers questions regarding the Windows XP end of life: